The variety of landscape that we have in the metro Atlanta area allows for
endless creativity.  There are many different designs available to help you
choose the one that best fits your needs.
Timber Ridge Fence, Inc.
The Finished Product
Planning and Layout
Once you've chosen the style of fence that best suits your needs, you are ready to
begin the installation process.

  • Timber Ridge will order a Utilities Locate through the UPC (Utilities Protection  
    Center).  This may take up to 4 days at no charge to the client.
  • We will meet with you to confirm the property lines and begin the layout process
    by staking the lines of the proposed fence and marking them with string for your
  • Once we have your approval the fence is installed.

Installation specifications include:

Fence posts are set in concrete (40lbs.), standard is (24") in the ground.

Gate posts holes are (30-36") deep and set in (80lbs.) of concrete depending on the
gates to be installed.

Wire, if chosen, is then installed.  A typical fence will require 2" X 4" welded or woven
wire, although there are other choices available.

After the posts and/or wire have been installed, the rails are installed.

Typically it will take up to a month for the wood to cure and then your fence will be

****  Updated Surveys are very helpful during the layout process.

****  NOTE:  Any and all permits required by your county or other jurisdiction,
including your HOA, are your responsibility to obtain.  We will be happy to guide you
through this process.
From Planning  to.....  
"For All of Your Fencing and Equestrian Needs"